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We welcome you into the family of ELECTROEASE STAIR LIFTS, a family owned and operated company since 1964.  For 55 years, we have made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business.  ELECTROEASE Stair Lifts allow you to go up and down your stairway, safely and easily, at the simple touch of your finger.  Select an indoor, outdoor or curved model for your personal use, and regain your independence in the home that you love.


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AT ELECTROEASE STAIR LIFTS, we understand that the most important consideration in a Stair Lift Purchase is RELIABILITY.  Installation has to be done RIGHT.  Our stair lift installers have over 20 years of Experience each.  Each Stair Lift Installation has to be done RIGHT.  This is what we do.  We have found out that if a customer later has problems with their stairlift, it can usually be traced back to the initial installation.  Our Part.  At ELECTROEASE STAIR LIFTS, Installation is not just something that has to get done.  INSTALLATION IS EVERYTHING.

Straight Indoor Stair Lifts

bruno elite straight indoor stair lift in a house entryway
Straight stairlifts are commonly installed in a home to restore access to an upstairs bedroom or downstairs laundry room.  Choose from over 10 different indoor straight rail stairlift models.  Indoor straight stair lift models offer superior Made in America quality, including unique vertical rail design, easy exit offset swivel seat, two wireless remote controls, obstruction safety sensors and more. The Elan offers a 300-lb lift capacity; the Elite carries up to 400 lbs. In addition, the Elite seat features a highly cushioned chair with a curved, high backrest for unmatched comfort..  A notable benefit of the unique vertical rail designs is it allow straight stairlifts to install within 5 inches of the wall. That means there is plenty of open space on the steps for other family members, pets and guests to easily pass the stairlift. Fold up the armrests, seat and footrest when the stairlift is not in use and it becomes even more compact.

Curved Stair Lifts

Most staircases accommodate a straight rail stairlift, but curved rails are also available. Bruno’s curved stairlift rails are custom-made in Wisconsin to ensure a precision fit to each unique staircase. The vertical rail flows perfectly into every corner, creating a graceful appearance and extraordinary smooth ride.
bruno elite curved indoor stair lift at the top of a staircase

Our unique vertical rail also hides the gear rack for a clean look that limits the ability of dirt to accumulate in moving parts. To ensure a precision fit, your local Bruno dealer will take photos of your stairs and the measurements will be translated into drawings by engineers, and fabricated into the rail by Bruno’s highly-skilled welders and fabricators.  Many manufacturers use modular curved rails because they can be installed quickly. ELECTROEASE STAIR LIFTS chooses to custom-craft our curved stairlifts as we believe they give our customers the highest-quality solution long-term. While a custom stairlift rail takes longer to fabricate, the ride and beauty are worth the wait. Because a Bruno curved rail is created to the exact specifications of your stairs, the rail fits tightly into every corner to create maximum open space on the steps. In addition, there are fewer joints – and Bruno engineers can determine the best placement of the joints – to create an incredibly smooth ride from start to finish.  The Heavy Duty Models feature a 400-lb lift capacity, generous padding and a stylized appearance that blends in with your home. The Elite stairlift’s seat and footrest height and armrest width are adjustable based on your individual needs.  When not in use, the Elite’s seatbelt retracts to keep it neatly out of the way. And in addition to plush padding, the Elite stairlift feature a high, curved backrest for ergonomic comfort.  Talk to your Bruno dealer about the option to lengthen your custom-curve rail to wrap around the top and/or bottom of the staircase landing. Some people choose the option of a “rail overrun” in order to have the chair park in a position away from the steps to create additional open space on the steps, to allow for exit farther away from the steps or to park the stairlift in a less visible position. 

Outdoor Stair Lifts

Outdoor stairlifts come in straight and curved models - suitable to withstand the elements and offer an alternative to steps leading to decks, front doors, lake, etc.
side by side image of two different Bruno outdoor stair lifts

Our  outdoor stairlifts are engineered to withstand elements. Marine-grade vinyl padded seat, durable outdoor paint on all steel surfaces and a weather-proof cover helps keep the stairlift performing in harsh climates. Performance tested to 0⁰ F to 125⁰ F, Bruno outdoor stairlifts feature a 400-lb lift capacity and a five-year Gold Warranty on major components. 

Commercial Stair Lifts, Residential and Commerical Vertical Platform Porch Lifts

In addition to residential stairlifts, Bruno manufacturers a commercial Elite stairlift model suitable for use in places of worship, schools and businesses. Codes and permitting vary by community, so please check with your local Bruno stairlift dealer for more details on how to make your building accessible and ADA compliant.

Use a vertical platform lift like a mini home elevator. Often called a porch lift, a Bruno residential vertical platform lift is a cost-effective home accessibility solution to give scooter and wheelchair users an alternative to entryway or deck steps.  Explore vertical platform lifts for schools, churches or public buildings. Bruno commercial wheelchair lifts are designed in accordance with ASME A18.1, Section 2, and can be used in some applications for ANSI A117.1 National Accessibility Guidelines.They also meet Canadian guidelines CSA B355.  Access to stages, porches or short distances are common uses of affordble unenclosed vertical platform lifts.  Weather-protected controls for inside or outside applications.


NOW! FOR THE FIRST REALLY NEW ADVANCE IN STAIRLIFTS . . . The Incredible Electropedic Stair Lift.  Electrically go up and down your stairs at the simple touch of your finger.  The time you can enjoy both upstairs and downstairs has a lot to do with the way you feel.  Electropedic Stair Lifts are so easy to use, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to make it so easy to ride your chairlift up and down your stairs, easily and safely.  Let Electropedic Stair Lifts be your stay-at-home solution.  Select an indoor, outdoor or curved stairchair for your personal use, and take a break from the fatigue.  Get A Free Quote 877-727-1954.


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Get the positioning you need in a look you’ll love with zero gravity position lift chairs from Pride®. Enjoy superior performance and easy operation with these innovative and relaxing recliners. The Infinity and Oasis recliners by Pride are made from premium furniture-grade laminate/hardwood frames for added strength and durability. Choose from an array of stylish and contemporary zero gravity position lift chairs that meet your needs.

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Pride® motorized recliners are packed with great features to deliver the comfort you need at an incredible value. When you need a lift chair with heat and massage, check out Pride’s lineup. The Infinity and Oasis motorized recliners feature optional heat and massage to soothe your aching muscles while promoting individualized support and relaxation. Find your perfect lift chair with heat and massage today!

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When it comes to durability, you desire a high weight capacity lift chair that is built to last. Consider Pride’s motorized recliners, which feature an all-steel lift frame backed by a lifetime warranty. Pride’s Heritage lift chairs ensure worry-free operation for years to come and include convenient storage pockets. With gorgeous fabric options and quiet and smooth performance, Pride® high weight capacity lift chairs are the perfect choice to meet your needs.



Twilight positioning is like no other seating system in the world. Its many health benefits include achieving a back angle that is similar to standing, putting less pressure on the spine and reducing spinal muscle fatigue. Our 30 degree angle takes the usual TV watching and zero gravity positions to a whole new level. Only Twilight offers a TRUE zero gravity sensation. Prepare for an exceptional seating and recline experience!

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